Some people just don’t have the Chemistry

Me: “Want to know a lame Chem joke?”
R: “Sure.”
“I’m in chem Group 3 and period 2….. so *takes out the periodic table*. I’m Boron.”
“You’re weird.”
“Let’s check you out.”
“Group 2 and Period 3.”
“That’s Magnesium.”
“Rock on.”
“But that means we can’t mate.”
“Yes we can… Look.” *Sribbles Mg3B2*
“You can’t even draw it.”
“Yes, wait.” *tries too hard* “you’re right. I can’t.”
“Plus… Magnesium Boride?”

Damn. I’m sleeping too much and not doing anything. Need to get to school asap to finish work.


~ by asad on November 12, 2008.

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