You say you want a Revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world

Two days later, and we’re still stuck inside our homes, though with two less bunny rabbits, which were gratefully not targets of ethnic conflict OR intelligence war.

Karachi is such an entertaining city. The entire world is in fact. Thank you brainheaded people ^^

“Apparently there’s people in clown costumes going around mugging people. I believe people are becoming inspired by the Dark Knight.”

“Apparently there’s people mutilating the ears of pathans in remote corners. I believe we are heading towards a revolution. Guerilla war baby.”

“Our revolution seems so much more interesting than what I’m reading right now.. Russian..”

“But we still need a communist leader :(”

Or any leader in fact.

Hmm.. maybe the right revolution will put us in the correct place, and lead to some eventual stability. Any in the past have been small scale attempts and never mass movements…. history might not be inspiring what with the french revolution lasting a decade before coming down to definite results.. neither am I welcoming communist leaders… any leader is detrimental today, when they shoot them down one by one. And no, every second politician who stands up on a podium bellowing inflammatory speeches or playing blamefamegames, is not a leader. *Thinking: John F Kennedy.. sniff*

… Glory to the world and its people, who know just what they stand for.

But when you want money
for people with minds that hate …


~ by asad on December 2, 2008.

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