10k richer!

.. and just yesterday I was thinking I’m broke.

Of course it took a whole day of cleaning and the poor destruction of a perfectly healthy safe.. but forgetting that, I have enough money now .. for.. emergencies? which could involve anything from

– fiza’s paint supplies
– running away to australia… that’s a long plan but I’ve got it figured out and ins is a stupid fish who doesn’t know what he’s talking about

– otherwise it’s enough to get me away to another city…

.. if I add enough money  I can make it up to 30k… rest of my money + some stolen from parents.

Yay to being a stupid kid who collected dollars in a safe (what kid does that? O_o) – whose combination she eventually forgot and so never bothered opening again to take out the money. OH yeah. And I found my long lost glittering stickers too ^^ …


~ by asad on December 7, 2008.

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