I don’t mind, I’m fucktarded too

So if someone asks me, what’s the craziest thing you’d want to do?

Previously I would have said something along the lines of bungee jumping… now I’d say. Hit the american president with a shoe.

Of course classic events like these come around the corner every now and then, sneakily enough but what’s always more, much more interesting is the Aftermath. Where the thing itself goes away now leaving itself to the mercy and scrutiny of a population of six billion and highly opinionated at that. Usually what you should do is sit back and watch…

Now there are different kinds of people who provide opinions on such alert matters. I will look at only the ones characterized around a certain amount of dementia.

(what people said about the shoe thrower. Pasted directly from Muntazir Ali Zaidi’s fanclub wall)

1. The guy who think the shoe throwing would be encouraged by God

Wasifafdar (Pakistan) wrote
at 9:00pm
may ALLAH protect him

2. The Jamiat types who love spreading religion

Kanwal (Pakistan) wrote
at 8:50pm
only a muslim has that guts to do it!
3. The kind who feel religion is the cure to every thing

S. M. S K (London) wrote
at 8:05pm
may ALLAH bless you. i admire your courage………you r the real hero of the free world,,i salute u..

4. The kind who can make being hit by shoe sound like something you’d desperately want..

C-mman wrote
at 2:24am

Its a beautiful begining fr BUSH!!!!INSHAH-ALLAH much worse to come!!
where he really deserves more…….

5. The OverZealous Enthusiast

Faiza (Saudi Arabia) wrote
at 7:50pm
Dis is such a god news ! but wht i felt bad was tht ppl broke his hand n his ribs !!! n hes still in prison !!! HOW BAD IS DISS ! IRAQI PPL THEMSELVES DID DIS I DUNT BELIEVE !!
6. The dude who thinks he can do it better!
Kinza (Pakistan) wrote
at 8:38pm
he should have thrown a grenade!!

7. The conspiracy loving populace

M. Fahad (Bahria University ) wrote
at 5:00pm
Bush deserved it!!! This whole incident is not against USA but only against one evil… G.W.BUSH!!!
8. The ones who always provide hearty congratulations

Fariyal KariZai (United Arab Emirates) wrote
at 3:50pm

9. The teenage with raging hormones

Zainaffar (Pakistan) wrote
at 12:33am

10. The Franshappar – awamigunda type.

Hussain- Abbas (Pakistan) wrote
at 7:26pm
tite yaaaaaar!…mashallah!!..oi hoi!…im ur fan yar!

11. The Frandshappar – gayeffiminate type.

Haider (Pakistan) wrote
at 11:39pm yesterday
nice boy keep it up LMAO..

12. Aww – The guy who doesn’t get laid much

Ziyad (Pakistan) wrote
at 4:56pm
😦 why he missed the target
13. Emo Kid with too much pent up anger

HafeShah wrote
at 5:04pm
that bastard deserve more than that…….i wish if the shoe could hit his face…….

14. The person who has too much to say but doesn’t know how to say it

Rosedi (Pakistan) wrote
at 3:57pm
Really an awsome truthful person..
atleast he expressed whatever was in his mind..
i wish him the safe health..
and wish no one ever hurt him.. !!! Allah keep him happy.. to make pople like us… to have gutts.. and say wrong to wrong!!

15. The Awami Partriot

Shafaq Ejaz (Pakistan) wrote
at 2:53pm
i wish i could give him guard of honour! personally wanna salute him
he is a true man!
16. The guywho discovered internet recently.. (who says hats off..? :S)
D Wicked Leo wrote
at 3:04pm
Hatz OFF 2 u SIR

17. Gayguy who likes poetry

Usama wrote
at 3:39pm

he is brave man
a man with pure heart
love this guy

18. GayGuy II –

Hasan (Pakistan) wrote
at 8:03am
We salute u… and we love u…

19. The Ignorant American

SuJ (Houston Baptist) wrote
at 12:14am

United States introduced Iraq to democracy, to modernization, to human/woman civil rights. People like Muntazir should be hanged for even to dare insult the President of United States, let alone any country.

and lastly….

20. The guy who pwned everyone else with his comment

KK wrote
at 7:32pm



Life without fucktarded people’s random whims would be relatively boring.


~ by asad on December 16, 2008.

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