@#%! Murphy

Murphy’s law are just blatant superstitions which should be permanently destroyed. A) They are not specifically laws, since neither do they always hold true nor do they always end up punishing you and hence  bear, some amount of falseness and B) They are hardly creative; just every day things which aren’t incidents people wouldn’t have realized on their own in any case.

c) Plus, it’s been a long time since Murphy hit the grave, the eras have progressed and the modern world continuously demands newer and more relevant innovations. Which is why, not as a rebuttal but severely out of boredom, I’m concocting a new set of laws purely from my own brain.

To be posted in the next episode.


~ by asad on January 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “@#%! Murphy”

  1. Superstitions? Who actually “believes” in Murphy’s law? If anyone does, well, that proves the law being applicable to human brains 😛 .

    No law always holds true anyway. Accidental anomaly exists in all logic. According to Plato, “laws” of ethics say that I should return something borrowed from someone. What if I borrowed weapons from someone who later went mad? Should I be putting weapons in hands of an insane person?

    I’m still intrigued by the product of your boredom 😀 , looking forward to the laws.

  2. Your example was retarded.

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