This city has neverending philanthropes, for all of people’s talks about back-ward thinking and lack of *insert any common word*. Looking beyond oneself is always the issue, especially when we consider everything we stand for personally to be the epitome of perfection, doesn’t mind what the rest of the people in the world are doing, conventional mindset or not. We met with a past president and current member of the Rotary Club, to help us set up Interact (volunteer organisation for people under 18) officially.

The point of this post is not to severely emphasize on noble efforts, but just to paste a quote which took place during the very indulgent intercourse (I say this with some sarcasm, in the places where we could not keep track, but mostly genuine interest, where he mentioned historical events we had never heard of – achievements on people’s parts – and expressions in one of the seven languages he knew). I might have said something, as is my constant weakness to do so, and the reply I got from my friend’s mother was:

(of  course this happened 4 days ago and sickness has lately consumed me enough to not remember exact words):

“Beta, I’ll tell you what the thing is. You have, have to define and know exactly who you are. Once you’ve done that, no matter what someone says, or does, however small it may be, it wont matter, you will know exactly how to react because you know exactly what you stand for. Why should one thing hinder you? There will always be setbacks, but such optimism will only help you, it should be consistently maintained.”

It was nothing great. Simple advice, concerning every day matters, but severely opposing views I generally hold –  about the defining part – yet put that way it makes perfect sense.

I guess we learn something new every day.


~ by asad on January 5, 2009.

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