The eventual destruction of mankind

I think I’ve figured out how machines will eventually consume us/take over us/result in the binary apocaplypse, if you will. No I do not indicate the overnight invention of actually functioning brains incorporated into senseless robots which will genially combine their mental storehouses to fathom a plan so brilliant it will extinguish the entire human race.. honesty, seriously, theoretrically and possibly that would be absurdy impossible, simply due to the fact that if even twenty one centuries of development and progress could not result in one man, or even a whole army of men into accomplishing a similar if not the exact feat, then at least the same amount of time if not more should be automatically required for these second rate brains to start malfunctioning in those peverted fields. And this is disregarding the centuries before when learnt how to count years.

No… I’ll tell you what it will be. We experience it every single day, it is creeping in increasingly into our daily lives, seemingly a fault which can be fixed but should not be denoted as such, particularly in the third world countries, where the threat is at large and present – not only do we lack the resources, we lack the prevention measures as well. It’s a common thing, like all viruses it was quiet at first, but soon it is becoming subject to our varying emotions as we turn towards the peaks of bipolarity, angry at one instant and agitated at another while abusive the next; it is a tragically prevelant in most households, taking up our breathing space literally and figuratively, withdrawing us from rationality, sense and priortities where we focus on but this depective imposter when it wills to expose itself violently…… it will, eventually drive this entire race to the wall, in fact, overwhelm us with aggression so that we smash the wall itself or else jump over it panicing, frantic, hysteric….. it is, none other than, the malfunction… of household gadgets. (Thank you KESC, pathetic manufacturers, obsolete hardware).



~ by asad on January 5, 2009.

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