You backed freedom of press? Think again.

So, rockets are crashing in Russia, recession is killing the mediterranean, soldiers are dying and all CNN can report on its front page is: The Obama family finally adopts a Dog.

Oh, my god. Like, SERIOUSLY? And it doesn’t end there. Follows is an inhumanely long article, with quotes and references and all, debating on what the family would name their beloved new additions. Comparisons are made with previous first dogs, trends are analysed and a few options are commented upon. I doubt anyone’s child ever received such ungodly attention when born, not to imply I prefer humans over animals, quite the opposite in fact, but there’s a limit after which international news becomes a farce. I honestly don’t care what  breed the President’s dog is, it is not going to affect my life or his policies in any way, and the last thing I want to do during the little time I spent “enlightening” myself what’s going on in the world, is to read detailed accounts on the said dog’s poop cycle. It can only be the next step.


~ by asad on March 1, 2009.

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