I’m Standardized

If school’s declared off for one more day, I will implode my brain with SAT diagnostic tests which don’t yield any diagnosis in any case, and reveal only three hours after you have spent labouring your eyes away in front of the screen, that you need to give them money.

Nothing in life comes without a price tag.

And I am paying to be declared as another registered number on a list of candidates for an aptitude test.. which measures intelligence on the basis of how many incomprihensibly retarded words which you will never ever feel the need to use in your life, you know. *shoots self*.

I disappoint myself every day, becoming more and more part of the system as it is.

It’s past midnight already, and my brain is offering no consolence, to disintegration, or even just life in general.


~ by asad on March 9, 2009.

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